Exciting Innovations at Massive Eco: Wall Mounts for Lectric E-Bike Chargers and Beacon Bracket Update!

Exciting Innovations at Massive Eco: Wall Mounts for Lectric E-Bike Chargers and Beacon Bracket Update!

Hello, Eco-Riders! 🌿🚴‍♂️

Big News from the Massive Eco Workshop!

At Massive Eco, we're always discussing new ideas with the community to make your e-biking experience even better, while keeping our planet green. Today, I'm thrilled to share not just one, but two exciting updates with the community!

Beacon Bracket Orders Rolling Out!

Picture Of Beacon Bracket Being Printed On 3D-Printer at MassiveEcoMultiple Beacon Brackets Being Assembled To Be Sent Out

First off, a huge shout-out to everyone who ordered our Beacon Brackets – your overwhelming response has been nothing short of inspiring! Our printers have been working overtime (literally, except for my sleep hours 😴). I'm happy to announce that many of your orders will be on their way as early as tomorrow! 📦✨

Introducing the Charger Wall Mount

Battery Charger Brick Wall Mount

Now, onto our latest creation. As a fellow Lectric e-bike enthusiast and a fan of organized spaces, I've been working on something special – a Wall Mount for Lectric E-Bike Battery Chargers. Say goodbye to cord clutter and hello to a neat charging area! And yes, it aligns perfectly with our eco-friendly mission.

Dual-Purpose Mount: Charger and Battery

Here's the exciting part – we're contemplating a dual-function mount. One that not just secures your charger but also your e-bike battery. 👽 We're thinking of two models: one for internal batteries and another for external types, along with the classic charger-only mount.

Your Voice Matters!

Your feedback is our innovation fuel. Would a combined charger and battery mount make your life easier? We're all ears for your thoughts and suggestions!


Join Our Eco-Friendly Mission

Every product we craft at Massive Eco is a step towards a more sustainable world. We're not just about products; we're about building a community that values eco-conscious living and responsible adventuring.

Let's ride into a greener future together – with neatly organized chargers and the spirit of innovation leading the way!

Happy Eco-Friendly Riding!

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