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Beacon Bracket w/ AirTag Hideaway (For Lectric Bikes)

Beacon Bracket w/ AirTag Hideaway (For Lectric Bikes)

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🌟 Latest Update: 11/18/23 🌟
New Version has been updated! Thank you for your feed back! 🚲💡

Beacon Bracket w/ AirTag Hideaway

Compatible with Lectric Brand E-Bikes.*

Verified Compatibility:
-Lectric XPedition
-Lectric XP 3.0

(Note: I dont see why this wouldn't work with all Lectric Bikes front mounting system. If you don't have one of the models listed above, and it does not fit your bike, I will issue you a FULL refund for being a tester!)

Why Our Bracket Rocks:

  • 🔄 Spin It Around! Choose to mount your bike light high or low – you decide!
  • 💡 Light it Up! Works with both the standard and upgraded headlights.
  • 🔒 Hidden Spot for Your AirTag! Keep your AirTag safe and secret, locked with screws.
  • 🏃 Stay Adjustable! Our design keeps your light’s side-to-side tilt, so you're always shining in the right direction.
  • 💥 Super Strong! Even if your light takes a bump, it's designed to stay tough.
  • 🤫 No Rattle! Our snap-fit AirTag slot means your rides are smooth and silent.

Eco-Friendly & Awesome!

  • 🌍 Made with PolyTerra™️ PLA, a cool eco-friendly material. It's good for the planet!
  • 🌳 For every spool we buy, a tree gets planted. We love giving back to nature!

What You Get:

  • 1x Handy Hex Screw for your Headlight.
  • 1x Locking Nut that’s already there waiting for you!
  • 8x Tiny Screws for keeping your AirTag hidden.

Not Included:

  • 4x Main Mounting Screws (use the ones that come with your bike) 
  • Apple Air Tag

🚚 Fast Shipping!

  • Orders zoom out within 2 business days. (Mon-Sat)
  • We use USPS First Class (and UPS for big orders).
  • In the US? Get your cool bike mount in 2-5 days!
  • FREE SHIPPING on order over $20 


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*We are not affiliated or partnered with Lectric in any official capacity. The mention of the brand is specially for compatibility identification. 

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