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DIY Beacon Bracket (.STL Download)

DIY Beacon Bracket (.STL Download)

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Got a 3D printer and a knack for DIY? Now you can print your very own Beacon Bracket right at home! 🖨️✨

File Details:

  • File Type: .STL
  • Print Notes: Crank up that infill for extra durability. Your Beacon Bracket will be as tough as your rides!

Parts You'll Need:

  • Button Cap Screw (Metric) (Stainless Steel): 1pc M6-1.00 x 20 (Length) or any 20mm screw.
  • Nylon Insert Lock Nut: 1pc M6-1.00 or a matching nut for your screw.
  • Washers: 1pc 6mm to keep things snug.
  • Back Plate Screws: Size 6 x 3/8 Sheet Metal Screws to hold it all together.

🛑 Important Disclaimer: This file is for your personal use only. Sharing is caring, but not in this case! Distributing, reselling, or sharing these files is a no-go, and we will take action against any unauthorized sharing to protect our design. Let's play fair and keep the creativity flowing!

Ready, Set, Print! Grab your gear, fire up that printer, and get ready to add a custom touch to your Lectric bike with a bracket you made yourself. Happy printing and even happier riding! 🚴‍♂️🌱

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